Frequently Asked Questions



It depends on the destination you are traveling to. If you are a foreigner visiting Bangladesh, please check travel document requirements at the official portal for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi adults are required to produce their original identity cards for domestic and passports for all international flights.

Bangladeshi children may be required to produce their original birth certificates or photocopy before they are allowed to board.

The general rule for international travel is that you must ensure your passport is still valid for at least another six (6) months at the end of your travel date, the applicable visa(s), and a return or an onward journey ticket. The system can't block you from purchasing the ticket as it won't be able to track the requirements you need to travel.

For further information & other destinations, please visit IATA’s Travel Center site for Passport, Visa & Health travel document requirements. Here is an alternative site where you can also check for entry requirements, please click here.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for please contact your local immigration and custom authority or the embassy / consulate of the destination you are traveling to for further assistance.

Remember to observe the immigration requirements for the destination you are traveling to as we reserve the right to refuse to carry you should you fail to produce the necessary documentation during check-in - we are quite serious about this so please check that you have everything in place before you travel.

We recommend that you read Article .. of our Terms & Conditions of Carriage.


For children below 12 years old, for domestic travel (e.g. within Malaysia) please present either identification card or the original birth certificates as proof of identity.

For international travel, a passport with at least 6 months validity is needed.

All children below 12 years old must travel accompanied by parents or guardians.


What is facial recognition boarding?

Facial recognition is a form of biometric identification. AirAsia is using facial recognition technology as part of a digital identity system. The system (FACES) uses cameras to identify individuals, reducing the need for guests to show or scan their travel documents.

Registered travellers are identified as they approach the auto boarding gates and allowed to board their flight directly. However, they will still be required to check-in for flights as per usual.


Yes, you can book an extra seat if you are travelling with a large musical instrument or a child’s car seat. You are also allowed to book an extra seat if your physical size or a sustained injury makes it difficult for you to be seated on one seat.

Follow the steps below to book an extra seat:

  1. Create a flight search for two (2) persons
  2. Select a flight and continue
  3. At the guest details page, under ‘Guest 1’, enter your details as per your passport
  4. Under ‘Guest 2’, enter "EXTRA" in the first name column; "SEAT" in the last name column. Fill up remaining details as per guest 1

Please refer to the articles on carriage of child’s car seat and musical instrument on board for more information on the specifications. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that EXTRA SEAT must be purchased with Pick-A-Seat to ensure seats are located next to each other. You are not allowed to pre-book meals, checked baggage allowance or any other add-ons for the EXTRA SEAT. There is also no cabin baggage allowance allocated to the EXTRA SEAT.


You can change the time or date of your booking but change fee and fare difference may apply on top of the price you have paid in your purchase earlier. 

A change fee is the fee imposed when you change your booking to a new time or date. Fare difference is the difference between the original fare you previously purchased and the new flight fare that you have chosen. 

When you make any changes in your confirmed booking which results in a lower amount payable, the underutilized portion shall not be refundable in accordance with Article 5.3 of the Terms and Conditions of Carriage. In this case the difference will appear as “Spoilage Fee” in your revised booking and it is not refundable.